The documents which are formatted in markup languages, then it is HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language). Web is a subset of Internet. These contain pages which are accessible by a web browser. Email and Internet are not the part of Web. HTTP is the methods which are used to interchange the web pages to our systems.


Web Design/Web Applications - It is a collection of web pages. A webpage is a HTML document. Designing a better web site describes more than a few pages that are putting together. Page layout is very important thing to frame a layout of web pages. Weak layout makes visually and appealing. The area of a web page is header, menu, content, logo and footer.

E-Commerce - E-Commerce stands for paperless interchange of business information in the following ways Electronic mail, Electronic bulletin words, Electronic fund transfer, Electronic data interchange. It shares the business information; maintenance of business relationships and business transactions with the help of computer which can be connected to telecommunication network is the E-Commerce.

Content Management System(CMS) - It is the process of managing the text of web pages. It includes text content, audio, video, images, graphics. It acts as the front end user combination. It compiles the data and updates the website. It consists of two types, namely content delivery application & content management application. These are used to manage the creation, updating of website.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) - SEO commits to develop the code of the website. Based on SEO, customers get more information from the websites. It is an unpaid form to get traffic. SEO makes the best in your websites to get Better position in search engines to high level.

Social Media Marketing(SMM) - It create content which invite attention and restore. It is to spread the brand awareness in the market. It is the process of attaining the traffic through the social sites. It looks like the internet marketing. It covers activities that involve sharing the social content, images, and videos. It promotes a service or product of the company into the public to reach new customers.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM) - It is also known as internet marketing. To increase the visibility of our website on internet is more likes and we will get rank for our site from search engines. We can target the active customers who are searching for the best product by increasing our website ranking. It also gives traffic to our site and increases the rate of conversation. Search engine plays the important role to get success on online business.

Logo Designing - Logo Designing gets the first impression of the public. It is the sign or badge that brings the integrity of a concept, product, and operation which is possible as the meaningful way. It brings an identity in the market. These are used in different manner like text, sizes & forms.

Content Develop/Copy Writing - Content writers are experienced writers who were intended to write content for usage over the internet. They are simply internet individuals. They will create blogs articles and forms in written web page. It requires practice for mastering. It is skilled in Origin spheres in life. There is a lot of demand for content writers. The persons will have skills to flair and ability to write.