Offset printing is a commonly used printing technique in which the inked image is transferred (or "offset") from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. When used in combination with the lithographic process, which is based on the repulsion of oil and water, the offset technique employs a flat (planographic) image carrier on which the image to be printed obtains ink from ink rollers, while the non-printing area attracts a water-based film (called "fountain solution"), keeping the non-printing areas ink-free. The modern "web" process feeds a large reel of paper through a large press machine in several parts, typically for several meters, which then prints continuously as the paper is fed through.


Visiting Cards- Visiting card is a small printed card which bears the company name, company (or) organization logo, person’s name, phone number, address, mail, website which belongs to the company (or) organization or else some business. It gives the basic and some main information. These became a necessary tool of the good forms, to get publicity of the organization in the market. Our ads team package covers our existing logo and contact details and we can create a new look and design for customers.

Flyers - A flyer is a sort of paper used to advertise for wide distribution handed out to the people to give information and to get publicity about the organization. It is the piece of paper, some text printed on it like advertisement which can be given to many people in front of schools, colleges, exam centers etc. With this they can know something about what is printed on the paper.

Catalogs/brochures- A brochure is a small book or magazine that composes about your company or organization or institution brief description. They may be distributed along with the newspapers (or) they can be handed out to the public. It is systematic arrangement of list of details, list of items related to company. These are used in events, hotels, services etc. It is a kind of file that contains different files in the bunch of file or folder.

Leaflets- Leaflet is a printed, folded piece of paper which is given to public at free of cost. It is also one of the types of advertisement which is in a form of folded brochure. Leaflets are cost-effective for advertising and they are helpful to reach the target of the company. It contains a lot of information. They are very useful to market yourself in the market.

Vinyl Printing- This type of printing is a sheet of polyurethane vinyl chloride (PVC) wound to goods to make a good design which are normally work at garments. It is a kind of printing in which it is normally finite to one color of print. Vinyl printing is an outdoor printing advertising. When compared to digital printing, vinyl printing has a long-life time. It takes less time to print and is cost-effective. It gives more visibility and gets more attention from the public. This increases the organization publicity.

Corporate Folders & files- A corporate folder is a folder that it can holds documents, papers, certificates etc. On the front of the folder you may print your brand logo to promote your brand. It is more efficient. By using a folder (or) file all the content in the papers (or) files lies together and with protection. Our team members have decades of combined experience in the graphic design and printing industries. We’re so confident in our products and our rigorous quality control process that we guarantee you’ll get high-quality folders every time.

Menu Cards- A menu card is the profile for a restaurant. It is a list of choice, visible on the visual display. An agenda of dishes supplied at a meal. Menu cards are differentiated according to the food selection. The designing and outlook of a menu card enhances the royal look of the restaurant.

Id Cards- An ID card is an identity card which gives identity to a person. It consists of the person age, blood group, designation, address. It may also include photo also. These are used in all departments and in all categories. We offer many options to fit almost any uniform or situation including: Premium Magnetic Fastener, Standard Pin, Premium Pin, Pocket Slide, Bulldog Swivel Clip, Strap Clip, Military Clutch, and Adhesive. It describes name, photo, address, profession and restrictions. These are used as identity at school, offices, colleges and companies etc.

One Way Vision Vinyl- One way vision vinyl is also known as mesh film. It is one side printed glass or film, which it can be appeared only one side. On the other side it is transparent. It is mostly used in shopping malls, offices for partition purpose. Our team can help you as the best that they can for one way vision art work. All you need to do is send us your logos, images & content for the one way print.

Letter Heads- The presence of your company name along with logo shows a respect and dignity of your company. A special appearance in the letter head attracts the customers and there will be an increase in the sales figure. It increases the brand awareness among the public. It increases the website traffic. It contains the companies name and address stamped at primary part of paper normally used to official letters.

Bill Books & Stationaries- Bill books define the financial side of your company. It is important to ensure that all your contact details and any other information that you need to send should be on the bill books. Upload your logo or design. You can select a quantity that will suit your requirement

Promotional Materials- Promotional material is may be a gift (or) something else which it can be given by an organization at the launching of a company (or) at some time of intervals to promote their business. The gifts may contain their brand logo and company name to get awareness among the public. It is used to get the awareness from the customers regarding to the new product. It is the mix of media which bring party with related details. It is the report issued on the account of product motivation.

Diaries- Dairy is a record which we can file our day to day life in it. Printing your company (or) organization logo on the face of the dairy is helpful to get the awareness, by handed out them to the employees in the company. It may leads to increase the brand awareness and interest among them. It is helpful to orgnise the schedule. It refers with various entries arranged by date to date record on what is happening across the hold day.