To get the customers attention, the organization has to fulfill the needs of the customers is termed as service. It is the process of doing some one’s work. We can maintain the system’s routine work nature or work repair. It includes all types of services to enhance the brand name. Based on the establishment of the organization, the services will provide according to it. Sometimes services may be difficult to classify because they are associated closely with customers.


Web Marketing - To promote the product (Or) to develop your company by yourself web marketing is more essential, to put yourself into the market and to get the attention of audience towards your products and services. It increases traffic in your sales and brand activity. It involves in the online activity uses the web & mail to run the direct (or) indirect sales along with the websites. These are partnership with different types of ads like Newspapers, Magazines, and Radio & TV.

Corporate Marketing - The main goal of corporate marketing is to support the values and vision of the company. It provides the foundation for product promotion in the market. It is an organization (or) a corporation that brings the future customers. Corporate marketing means that which an organization attracts the most of the customers.

Print Marketing - Newspapers, magazines, newsletters comes under print marketing. These are used to advertise which increases the awareness of your company’s product and services. It is a printed paper (or) a piece of paper like business cards, catalogs, and letter heads. We use it for the market purpose. It is an effective tool for delivering your marketing messages to your customers. Advertising is one of the forms of publicity and giving information to the public. Banner ads also include in this.

Press Marketing - It is limited to people who notice it and pay an attention on it. It is mixed with all sorts of design and advertising which consists of Newspaper and Magazines etc. Magazine designs show the richness of your business and is also a mode of promoting your business in the front of the end customers.

Electronic Marketing - It is the process of marketing a brand using marketing. It provides an opportunity to get wider customers, to promote your business. It includes both direct marketing and indirect marketing and uses a range of technologies to help and connect the business to their customers. Electronic marketing often known as digital marketing involves in developing the web to introduce a product in the market.

Outdoor Marketing - It is the offensive ads which utilize the media like billboards, and many other types of outdoor ads. It promotes the company’s product. It is one of the old forms of marketing but still now most popular marketing which is getting more attention from the audience. It shows the more effect in the designed way. It plays an important role in the promotion of the business.

Event Marketing - Event marketing is one of the types of marketing, which is an approach between the organization and the customers. It is an informational strategy which involves in face to face meeting with customers and companies like fairs, concerts, events etc.., It reach customers directly from land to land interactive displays. Enhancing relationship between the customer and organization is the basic part of marketing.